Who we are - COVID-19 Business Relief Volunteers

Who we are

A nationwide volunteer group of individuals who got together to help U.S.-based businesses who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The volunteers come from varying professional backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, consultants, bankers, financial, legal, and business industries. Some have started and run small businesses themselves, others have worked at the global firms, advising clients of all sizes.

Who we are NOT:

We are NOT affiliated with the federal, state, city government or the loan programs.

We are NOT your lawyers. We are like-minded individuals volunteering during this crisis. Should you require legal counsel, please consult with your attorney. If you need an attorney, we can provide referrals. You may also be able to seek free legal help through Lawyers For Good Governance (L4GG) here.

What we can do:

Mentor and consult with business owners to better understand the various federal, state, and city loan applications, baseline financials, and more.

Be a support system in helping businesses identify and gather necessary financial information to fill out the application.

What we DO NOT do:

We DO NOT fill out or sign off on business loan or grant applications. All final loan application submissions are the sole obligation and responsibility of the business that applies for the loan or grant program.

We DO NOT guarantee a business will receive the loan or available funding. We are only volunteers donating our time to help businesses navigate the application processes.

We DO NOT provide any type of financial, legal, tax, or accounting advice whatsoever.

We do not provide financial, legal, tax, or accounting advice WHATSOEVER.

All decisions are yours and we’re just here to be a support system through the application processes.

We do not provide any funding but can help you find some. ​

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